How Frosted Blood came to be.

The idea of the book Frosted Blood came after a trip to Europe. While visiting Romania I had the opportunity to see the Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle), the Peles Castle and the Black Church amongst other amazing sites rich in history and historical artifacts. That is when I became fascinated with Dracula aka Vlad the Dracul, the Draculesti and the Danesti and decided to find out who they really were. I spent long hours researching to feed my obsession with this amazing time in history. The result is a book with a heavy blend of historical facts and action-packed imaginative fiction.

There were two main sources of inspiration for my book. One was the history behind the Romanian legend of Dracula, which of course inspired countless other writers. The other is the history behind majestic Mount Shasta. There are many fascinating testimonies regarding the mountain’s mystical powers. Still to this day thousands of people go on pilgrimages to the mountain as if the mountain is calling them. As readers will discover my book is based on historical truths skillfully disguised in a vivid story that will take them on a never before experienced journey

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